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Hand-drawn charcoal portraits of your dog.

Welcome to my website! I have been involved in so many different mediums and styles over the years. For me, art has been a journey just like life. I was really into painting, then sculpture etc. but recently I feel like I’ve found my ultimate passion–charcoal portraits of dogs.

I love being able to produce a heartwarming portrait of one’s best friend, their dog.

When the owner looks at their dog’s eyes in the portrait it will feel the same as when they hug a loved one.

In her portraits Maggie captured the personality of my dog Kippie. She also did a portrait for a friend who lost his beloved companion of fourteen years. He is so thankful to have this wonderful memory of his best friend. Maggie is truly a gifted artist. Looking into the eyes of her dogs their spirit comes through and touches your heart. A gift and memory for years!


Meet the Dogs

Maggie, I can’t thank you enough. You’re an amazing artist, Kylee absolutely loves this memorial charcoal drawing of Brandy. You captured her soul.


I would love to draw your dog!

The portraits are done in black charcoal on white paper and framed in a black wooden frame with glass and a mat.

12″ x 15″ Framed with mat and glass

Opening for drawing 8″ x 10″

$150 + shipping and handling

16″ x 20″ Framed with mat and glass

Opening for drawing 10″ x 13″

$250 + shipping and handling

15″ x 21″ Framed with mat and glass

Opening for drawing 10″ x 16″

$250 + shipping and handling

Note: If you’re going with the larger portrait, I will make the final decision on which of the two larger frame will work for the portraits depending on whether the pose is horizontal or vertical.


As an illustrator and painter for 35 years I love to create and share with others. But nothing is more special to me than making a unique and personalized portrait of your dog best friend. 


A cherished memory of your beloved dog. Their eye contact in the picture is like a human hug, even after they’re no longer here.


The perfect gift for a loved one, this charcoal portrait will capture the essence of their best friend and companion, forever.

This is what the finished framed portrait will look like. With the portrait I include 5 blank notecards with your dog’s image on the cover. I use UPS to mail your finished portrait.

The finished charcoal drawing of your dog will be sprayed with many coats of fixative, matted, and put into a black wooden frame. It’s best to handle these with care as these are charcoal drawing and not graphite.

Looking at it warms our hearts. You captured the character of Kyra and Luna so well. The piece is realistic and warm but has a touch of whimsy as well. We couldn’t be happier with the finished product. Collaborating with you on it was so much fun!

-Brett & Ashley

The best portraits begin with a great photo!

To create a portrait, I need a photo of your dog looking at you, eye to eye. When your dog looks into your eyes it’s like a human hug. Please send me multiple photos and I will let you know which I think will make the best portrait. 

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Contact Maggie

Feel free to reach out via email or by phone with any questions or to purchase a portrait!

My daughter loved the gift of the charcoal of Angie, her mixed terrier. Maggie captured her so well. She understands the emotional attachment we have to our pets and brings that out in her work.