Maggie Kinstle
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Maggie Kinstle and her pie series

It all started with a little book titled, “The War of Art.” Maggie was introduced to it on a trip to New York. Having a Bachelor of Arts degree (which Maggie has) does not make one an artist. If you or a friend is an artist who is not doing art, give them this book. It’s about overcoming fear and resistance.

When I moved my painting studio into the living room and Maggie saw me working across the room, she couldn’t hold back any longer. Within two days her workstation appeared across from me.

Maggie’s paintings were diverse in subject and style. After a year of successes and frustrations Maggie was stuck again. At some point I said: “You have to paint something you are passionate about.”

One of Maggie’s previous painting series was of the garden cottage on our property. They are romantic paintings of two pillows on the bed looking through sheer curtains etc. She was done with this series but there was something else: she saw a homemade pie sitting on the window ledge with the curtains blowing in the breeze. The pie series was born.

At first Maggie thought she could just go to an upscale bakery and purchase a pie to paint. She quickly realized that that wouldn’t work. Creating her own homemade pie was the first step in making an edible painting.

A trip to the farmer’s market was the second step. One night, she simply said to me, “to paint a beautiful pie it has to taste good as well as look good.”

Although she rarely eats but a small bite of her pie, she wants each one to taste special. She always makes her own pie crust from scratch and, of course, she’s always happy to share her secrets for a flaky crust with anyone who asks.

After the pie comes out of the old O’Keefe & Merritt oven, it must cool. Then, the photo shoot takes place (you’d think it was a Hollywood blockbuster). It might take up to an hour, but soon you will hear her shout: “I’ve got the shot! It’s ready to eat!”

John Kinstle
Loving husband and pie eater